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REBEL-TIGER is the long awaited Windows 95/98/NT version of the Chess Tiger chess engine from programmer Christophe Théron.

REBEL-TIGER is based on the GUI of the Dutch mass market version of ChessPartner which is sold in Holland under the name Schaakmeester.

A 30 day trial version of the current ChessPartner (no Rebel engine) is available for download to get an impression how the new REBEL-TIGER will look like.

  • ChessPartner 4.1 evaluation version, self installing executable. Can be turned into retail version by entering registration code. Registration required after 30 day evaluation period.

  • System requirements:
    • 10 MB Free diskspace
    • Windows 95/98/NT
    • 16 MB Memory
    • VGA Adapter with 256 colors minimum

    Download sites

  • Download ChessPartner from the LOKASOFT site.

    Download the REBEL piece set

    The current ChessPartner has its defaults settings focused for the mass-market including a good looking and easy to use 3-D chess board.

    For those who do not like 3-D chess boards can download the 2-D REBEL Piece Set as you are used too.

  • Download REBEL Piece Set

  • To install:

  • Unzip the file into the BITMAPS sub-directory of ChessPartner.
  • To activate the REBEL board:
    • Click RIGHT on the chess-board.
    • Pick "Select Piece Set" from the menu.
    Later a few more REBEL piece-sets (smaller / bigger) will be available for download to make your chess life more convenient.

  • Note: You need to have an UNZIP program that supports long file names such as WINZIP.

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