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REBEL-TIGER is the long awaited Windows 95/98/NT version of the Chess Tiger chess engine from programmer Christophe Théron.

REBEL-TIGER fully supports all typical Windows functions like the Windows clipboard so games or results can be easily exported to other applications.

REBEL-TIGER comes with internet connection to your favorite chess server, the most popular ones are pre-programmed and one mouse click is sufficient to log-in and play.

Features (just to name a few)
  • Online play
  • 2D and 3D chess boards
  • Chess Database
  • PGN import/export
  • 100% 32-bit (Win95 / WinNT)
  • Strong chess engine
  • Toolbars
  • Score histogram
  • Winboard adapter
  • Print diagrams

Some Basics

REBEL-TIGER is a full 32-bit standard Windows 95/98/NT application. It supports all the Windows standards such as:
  • Screen-items are RIGHT-clickable. That is if you click RIGHT on a screen-item all its function are directly available (without the need to search in the pull-down menu's).

  • All screen-items can be dropped anywhere on your screen just drag and drop, the normal Windows rules apply. This even is true for the button-bar on top.

  • You can re-size all screen-items to your favorite size (Windows standard rules)

  • REBEL-TIGER supports all kind of standard Windows "copy & paste" possibilities to export data to other applications.

  • REBEL-TIGER supports multiple in-line nested comments.

  • REBEL-TIGER supports long filenames.

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